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What is your Face Shape?



What is your face shape? The importance of choosing the style that matches your face!

Understanding your head and face shape is a vital consultation in order to choose your suitable hairstyle.

What do we do? We identify each client’s individual features to enable you to enhance their good features (Cheekbones, eyes, etc) and disguise not so good features (large nose, big forehead, etc). Not forgetting eyewear, hearing aids, etc.

  • Oval

The oval face is visually symmetrical and will suit all hairstyles and facial hair.

  • Round

The round face has a full and round jawline and usually around hairline, this face shape suits styles with shorter side to give the impression of a thinner face, height on top lengthen the face and off-centre partings. They would also suit a neat moustache or a neat, tidy beard to slim and make the face appear longer.

  • Diamond

The diamond face has a rounded hairline, wider cheekbones and narrow chin. This face would suit full fringes to square off the forehead. They would also suit a full beard which would square off the face and disguise a prominent chin.

  • Pear

The pear face has a narrow forehead and hairline with a broad jawline. This face shape suits full, rounded hairstyles with the length the same all over, which are designed to balance the face. They would also suit a fuller beard trimmed to square off and slim the face.

  • Square

The square face has a squared and broad jawline. The forehead, cheekbones and jawline are the same widths. The face shape suits styles that are softer on the edges and similar to round face shape, keep the sides shorter and the top higher to lengthen the face. NO flat tops! They would also suit facial hairstyles that may help their face appear less box-like – all over beards with hard lines, moustaches, goatees and neatly trimmed stubble.

  • Oblong

The oblong face has narrow and straight sides with a slightly rounded chin. This face shape suits layered styles and wispy fringes. Stay away from styles that define the hairline and NO long sideburns. They would also suit a neatly shaped moustache designed to shorten the face and a neatly trimmed beard which would make the face appear shorter and squarer.

  • Heart

The heart-shaped face is widest across the cheekbones and the eyes, with a broad forehead. The shape narrows at the jawline and comes to a pointed chin. Most styles will look good on the heart-shaped face, though fullness on the sides of the head should be avoided, as that is the broadest point of the face. They would also suit a full beard which would disguise a pointed chin.


  • Triangular

The triangular face has a wide hairline, broad jawline and narrow chin. This face shape suits styles that are short on top to keep the top of the head from being the focal point. Buzz cuts and cropped styles work well. The hair cuts should avoid sharp lines that define the hairline. They would also suit full beards designed to disguise the pointed chin.

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