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Level 3


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Course Description

Due to the vast experience in the Barbering Industry, Antonio himself will be teaching you all the Old School Barbering Techniques, the importance of using the best equipment on the market to give you that sharp finishing look and most importantly, how to keep your clients coming to you and not to any other barber.


the course

Antonio is well known for his success in this industry, and is also fully qualified and experienced to train new barbers to be able to achieve his own success.

You will follow all the lessons in class, you will need to purchase the Cutting Tools Kit for this level (a list of the said kit will be given as soon as you apply for the said course).  You will need different models for the course.

There are 11 lessons (of two hours each) to cover all the above modules and you will require a minimum 15 hours per week as study period at home on different models.  During your last lesson you will have an assessment to be able to obtain your Accredited Certificate.  

MAXIMUM STUDENTS PER COURSE IS OF 6 STUDENTS (individual attention will be given to each student)

Level 3 – Costs € 1,500 (Payment Terms Available)

*Barbering Book & Personal Kit not Included in the price

During this course you will learn all the techniques in Old School Barbering, the following modules that will be covered during our courses are as follows:

  • Clipper Cut
  • Fading
  • Hot Towel Shave (Old School Techniques)
  • Beard Grooming

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